Corsica: has breath taking secenery,fabulous winding roads, glorious beaches and some 1000 km of dramatic coastlines. It is described as the "Isle of Beauty". It is in the Tyrrhenian Sea in in the western Mediterranean — 160 kms south west of the French Riviera and 14 km the north of Sardinia and 82 kms west of the coast of Tuscany. There are many direct flights and you can take the car ferry from Nice, Marseille, Toulon or from Genoa, Livorno & Savona or via Sardinia.

It can be described primarily as a holiday island with a laidback lifestyle to match, but has not been spoilt by mass tourism. There are no high rise developments or some of the other trappings of tourism – all day breakfast cafés. Eating out in Corsica is slightly more expensive than on mainland France, however there is an excellent choice of places to eat at

The island is has a wealth of history and the cusine is excellent. Administratively, it forms two Départements and one Region of France. Haute Corse is to the north and its capital is Bastia. To the south is Corse du Sud with its capital in Ajaccio, which is also the regional capital and is the seat of the regional government — the Collectivité Territoriale de Corse (CTC). Thus Corsica is in the EU and the currency is the Euro. French is the official language, but a large number of Corscians speak Corsican.

The climate is a Mediterranean climate at coastal levels, but once you climb up into hills it becomes much cooler. (It goes up to approximately 9,000 feet from sea level). Summers are long — May to October and winters much colder with snow on the mountain peaks.Monte Cinto 2706m and Monte San Petrone 1767m.

The principal towns are:

Ajaccio (where Napoleon was born in 1769) It is Corsica's largest town and the administrative centre and is on the west side. There are excellent shopping facilities and plents of places for eating and drinking. There is the Musée Fesch that has the most important collection of Italian in France.

Bonifacio It is on the southern tip of the Island and the closest town to Sardinia. A very picturesque town that is perched up high above the sea on white limestone cliffs. The towns has plenty of shady narrow streets and squares. There is a natural harbour — ideal for yachts from all over the Mediterranean.Take a look at the classic cliff view from the water.

Calvi The town is located on a sweeping bay, fringed by the Balagne hills. It has a marina that is perfect for stopping at a local café and watching life going buy whilst enjoying a drink or two. The town has a maze of closely woven streets leading up to the citadel. There is a wide sandy beach offering watersports.

Porto Vecchio is a charming town approximately half an hour by car from Bonifacio with a maze of narrow streets with smart shops, restaurants and bars.It is described as a sophisticated resort with some excellent beaches.It is located in the south east of the island

Sartene Is high up in the hills and a few miles inland on the west side a short drive from Propriano on the coast to the north. Excellent selection of restaurants there to choose from.

Other towns: Porto — on the west, Bastia — in the north east, Cargese on the west coast and Aléria on the east coast.

Population: 260,000

Voltage: Electricity: 230V, 50Hz European round 2 pin plug

International Telephone code: +33

Emergency Telephone number: pan-EU Emergency 112 Can be used in all EU Countries and it can be dialled from a locked mobile or a mobile with no sim card.

Currency: — Euro (€)

Vehicles drive on the RIGHT

Corsica Ferries Celebrated their 10th anniversary in May 2006

In 1996 Corsica Ferries ended the SNCM monopoly of crossing to Corsica. On the 22nd May they celebrated in the port of Nice. The company carried 2.7 million passengers in 8,000 trips or more in ten years. There are now how speed ferries ( NGV’s) and of one million passengers travelling between Nice and Corsica in 2005, 750,00 went by sea.

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Enjoy your visit to Corsica