FACT FILE — Cyprus — Κύπρος :

Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean. It has superb beaches, wonderful weather where the temperatures range from 21-40 degrees c and plenty of historical and cultural interest.

It is a divided country with Nicosia being a divided city. It has been the capital since the 12th century. Since 1974 Turkey has administered the northern third of the Island. If you are taking a property in the Northern Cyprus, you will have to fly to the north and via Turkey.

As there is a long British link with the island, you drive on the left and many signs are in English. After Greek and Turkish, English is the third language.

With a mild climate and sunshine nearly all year round, the island of Cyprus is the perfect holiday destination in any season.

Whether it is a school break or another excuse for a holiday Cyprus is the place. Spring and autumn often attract couples without children, who wish to enjoy the warmth and peace. Many couples decide to spend their honeymoon there. Mythology has it that Cyprus is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, so what better place to come for a romantic holiday. Many couples now hold their wedding ceremonies on the island. In a recent survey it was found that the Island of Aphrodite is the third most popular destination worldwide for romantic weddings. The Cyprus Tourism Organisation publishes its own brochure giving all the necessary facts on weddings in Cyprus.

While in Cyprus, some holidaymakers take advantage of the Holy Land’s proximity and enjoy a cruise to Egypt and Israel. There are also cruises to Lebanon, Greece and the Greek islands, whilst Syria is just 50 minutes flying time away.

Cyprus does not only cater for the summer visitor seeking a beach holiday. Special interest holidays are becoming more and more popular. Sea sports and deep sea diving are automatically associated with the island, nevertheless, The Troodos Mountains and the forests offer so much to the hiker and birdwatcher alike – rugged slopes, towering pines, bubbling streams and an amazing variety of flora and fauna.

In the winter months skiing and snowboarding are very popular. Over recent years, Cyprus has become well known in the golfing world – there are already three 18 hole championship courses.

A recent innovation is that of agrotourism – Visitors can choose to spend all or part of their holiday in a traditional village house. Many of these houses have been fully renovated to provide all mod cons. Distances are so short on Cyprus that it is possible to comine a stay in a quiet village with a day sightseeing or on the beach. A visitor can even ski in the mountains and have a swim in the sea the same day!

As tourism grows worldwide, Cyprus has responded by providing all the necessary amenities be it a pleasure holiday or business conference.

Currency: — Euro (€)

Electricity Voltage: 240 V Square 3 prong plugs (Like UK, Ireland, Malta, Singapore, Malaysia)

Telephone Country Code: +357 — Northern Region: +90 392

Emergency Telephone number: pan-EU Emergency 112 Can be used in all EU Countries and it can be dialled from a locked mobile or a mobile with no sim card.

Population 2006: 780,133 Land Area: 9,250 Km2

GENERAL DRIVING TIPS: See also Driving in Cyprus at insurance4carrental.com

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Drink and driving: Blood alcohol limit is 90mg.

Built-up areas: 50kmh/31mph major roads outside towns:

80kmh/50mph major roads outside towns:100kmh/62 mph).

Vehicles drive on the LEFT and overtake on the right.

It is compulsory to carry 2 warning triangles.

Seatbelts are compulsory if fitted.

Dipped headlights should be used in built-up areas after sunset.

Use of the horn is restricted to emergencies only.

Parking is strictly prohibited at all times on a single yellow line, unlike in the UK

Enjoy your visit to Cyprus


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