FACT FILE — Hungary:

Hungaryis a landlocked country in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

The area of their country is barely 100,000 km2. Hungarian, their language is spoken nowhere else, however German and English are widely understood.

The Capital is Budapestlocated on the Danube River. It is renowned as the location of one of the most beautiful World Heritage sites. There are three distinct districts Óbuda, the oldest section, with Celtic and Roman ruins on the Buda side of the Danube: Buda in the gently rolling hills on the western bank, famous for its historic Castle Hill and beautiful residential area and bustling Pest with its shopping, government and commercial districts on the flat plain of the east bank

PopulationHungary 10.04 million — Budapest 1.82 million

Language Hungarian -German and English are widely understood.

Population 2006: 10,006,835

Land Area: 93,030 Km2

Religion Roman Catholic 65% — Protestant 25% Telephone, Fax Hungary country code 36

Budapest area code 1 (+7-digit number) International pre-dial — 00 + country code + local number

Electricity The voltage is 220 V/50Hz with European two-prong plug. Electrical equipment of 110V/60Hz requires the use of an adapter and/or voltage converter

Vehicles drive on the RIGHT

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Emergency Telephone number: pan-EU Emergency 112 Can be used in all EU Countries and it can be dialled from a locked mobile or a mobile with no sim card.

Currency The unit of currency is Hungarian Forint (HUF). In Hungary the abbreviation of Forint is Ft.

Climate Hungary has a continental climate, with cold, cloudy, humid winters and warm to hot summers. Average annual temperature is 9.7°C. Temperature extremes are app. 35°C in the summer and −29°C in the winter. Average temperature in the summer is 27–32°C, and in the winter it is 0 to −15 °C. The average yearly rainfall is approximately 600 mm. A small, southern region of the country near Pécs enjoys a Mediterranean climate.

In 1999 Hungary became a member of NATO. Hungary is a member of the European Union (EU) since 2004

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