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Italy is an art lover's paradise and the works of beauty can be seen in its many museums and art galleries, ranging from the art of the Roman Empire to the masterpieces of Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Rome the capital city (known as the eternal city) has always been inspiring for travelers.

There are many more beautiful cities to be seen — Florence,

Naples, Milan, Siena, Genoa, Pisa and Venice -the queen of the Adriatic.

Italy offers fine beaches bordering on to the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian sea. The mountains of the Appenine range forming the backbone of the country and the Alps to the north (for winter sports). It also has a lake district (Como, Maggiore and Garda) and the pleasant scenery of the olive groves and the river valleys.

Currency: — Euro ()

Electricity Voltage: 230V European 2 prong round plug.

Telephone Country Code: + 39

Emergency Telephone number: pan-EU Emergency 112 Can be used in all EU Countries and it can be dialled from a locked mobile or a mobile with no sim card.

Population 2006: 58,1034,033

Land Area: 301,230 Km2



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Vehicles drive on the RIGHT in ITALY

Speed limits Built-up-areas: 31mph (50kmh), outside built-up areas on secondary roads: 55mph (90kmh), main roads 68mph (110kmh), motorways: 80mph (130kmh).

Drink and driving: Blood alcohol limit is 80 mg.

It is compulsory to use vehicle lights half an hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise

On three-lane roads, the middle lane is reserved for overtaking.

A reflective vest is also complusory (like in France, Belgium and Spain).

No full beam lights allowed in built-up areas.

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