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Advertising Terms and Conditions (see also Alphabetical CHECK LIST for Renters when you are renting a Holiday Home

and Advertising a Property)

General Terms and Conditions of Advertising a Property and the use of This Site These are the terms and conditions used to govern the users of this site.,,,, jml Insurance and jml Property Services are trading names of Jeffrey Milner Ltd, VAT Registration No: GB 830 7952 19 — Established January 1979 Registered in Cardiff, Wales January 1979. Company Registration No. 1408847
These terms and conditions apply to those advertising on from May 2004 and from from August 2001 till May 2004
  1. does not accept any liability for arrangements made between property owners or their agents and their clients.
  2. Advertisers must be careful to describe their property accurately.
  3. Advertisers should ensure that they submit their property in the correct country (and region of that country if applicable) to ensure the maximum exposure to the search mechanism on the site. (see 17 Below) They should also include prices and number of people the property sleeps.
  4. Before entering into any contract with a property owner (or agent), we strongly recommend verifying the information given.
  5. jmlvillas reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that is considered not to be in keeping with the site and to amend the layout and content of an advertisement.
  6. It will be the responsibility of the advertiser /property owner or their agent to keep their prices up to date by amending these themselves. If the advertiser is unable to make changes and wants this handled by the administrators at the site a minimum charge of 10 will be made.
  7. It will be the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure any appropriate licences are in force for any images the advertiser displays on and if any maps or other images are included, the advertiser will be responsible for paying any fines imposed by an image licensing authority and jml Property Services takes no responsibility for any images that an advertiser has displayed. By displaying your property images on you provide the right for jml Property Services to use those images in other jml Property Services sites (see 21- Copright below) .
  8. Bookings are solely the responsibility of the owner or their agent and will not be responsible for any bookings, cancellations or complaints regarding standards at the property etc as these issues are between the advertiser / property owner or their agent and the client.
  9. accepts no responsibility for any interference caused by an outside body (including acts of god) that will effect the quality or display of an advertisement featured on this website.
  10. Exchange Rates: We would advise that under the terms of business with our bankers, we are bringing the following to your attention. Our fees for advertising on this site are quoted in sterling. If you are paying by credit card outside the United Kingdom your account will be debited at the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction. We will then send you a receipted invoice for this payment.
  11. We are not able to refund VAT to advertisers within the EU — You must claim this back if you are registerd for VAT locally as we are unable to credit funds back to a credit card and the cost of refunding this by normal payment would be over 10 in bank charges to this company. If you are resident outside the EU because the advertising costs are so low we will add VAT, it is not possible to credit back an advertiser the VAT element as it would cost the company over 10 in bank charges
  12. We do not recommend using an AOL or hotmail email address, as some customers have experienced difficulties receiving emails.
  13. We are not able to assist with any technical problems by telephone.
  14. It is not possible to advertise property for sale on this site.
  15. We can only accept cheques paid in UK Sterling Pounds payable to Jeffrey Milner Ltd and cannot accept Euros or Dollars. If you are paying in Euros or Dollars for advertising please pay on line by credit card. The credit card option is fully automated and is much faster than payment by cheque.
  16. Advertising will last for 12 months from the date of payment or the date the details have been submitted to the site. As soon as the payment is received the details can go live.
  17. Photographs and copy sent by post. If you are not able to submit these items yourself via the Internet, you can post the information to our Princes Risborough, England address at the end of this page. We will make an administrative charge of 25 per property to add the details and there could be a delay before your details are added to the site.
  18. Ensure that you keep your prices and Availability dates updated throughout the life of the advertisement. We will not be doing this for you and you must login in yourself to make changes when required.
  19. Advertisements from other sources could also appear on the page an individual's property ad appears on.
  20. As the advertisement has to be checked initially by the the administrators, it will not go live immediately, particularly if it is submitted over a weekend, public holiday or during an evening. We will endeavour to put your ad live as quickly as possible and email a VAT receipt. The period of advertising will start from when the advertisement goes live. However if an advertiser pays, but does not submit his or her details, the period of advertising will start as soon as the receipted invoice is prepared.
  21. jml Property Services retains the right to use photographs supplied by an advertiser on other jml and non jml websites and publications. By supplyling photographs to, the advertiser agrees to this.
  22. Copyright This website and all content is the intellectual property of jml** and therefore protected by UK, EU and international copyright law. Any infringement will be vigorously pursued. All images unless supplied by advertisers (including jml,, English cottage, Scottish cottage, Welsh cottage, Cote d'azur, euro-villa, villa rental and other jml group sites), jml Property Services clients or have been licenced to jml Property Services are copyright of jml and must not be used without the written consent of jml Property Services. jml** jml is a trading name of jml Property Services (Jeffrey Milner Ltd)
  23. Spam Emails: We do not advise that you "expose" your e-mail address on this site, there is a very good response box in operation. We cannot stop abuse of these response boxes by false applicants sending spam emails. If you receive such an email, so not open any of the web links or reply to it.
  24. Credit — Debit cards In the event of an advertiser contacting their credit card / bank to say they never authorised a payment and our bank debiting our bank account, we will carry out the following action: Immediately suspend the advertiser's property advertisement and will forward to our bank a copy of the Secure Trading email with the advertiser's authorisation, we will also send the bank a copy of our administration records showing the advertiser's name and address and a copy of their details. We will not re-activate the advertiser's property details until our bank has received the payment back from the advertiser's credit card company / bank and the advertiser has paid us a 11.75 as an administration fee.

    (2): WE HAVE DISCOVERED SEVERAL ADVERTISERS HAVE CHANGED THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES WITHOUT CHANGING THEM ON OUR SITE — IF YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS DOES NOT WORK YOU WILL NOT GET THE ENQUIRIES. — We do not recommend using an AOL email address, as some customers have experienced difficulties receiving emails